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“Let the Mosquito Bite..” An Article in Eenadu News Paper

Fogging is an effective method of getting rid of mosquitoes in your surroundings. Normally, fogging is a technique that is applied outdoors and for semi-outdoor spaces. However, as mosquitoes usually breed and live outdoors, this is a good method for mosquito control. Civic officials have been adopting various measures like chemical fogging to tackle the mosquito menace in the city.

Is Fogging a right measurement to control mosquito’s?

Does Fogging harm us?

What steps is the government taking steps to control mosquito’s?

Funds are allotted by the government to control mosquito to civic bodies.

Are the civic officials doing their best to control mosquito’s?

Is the government governing the mosquito control to the maximum extent?

To what extent the funds are used properly?

Are they letting the mosquito bite us?



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Roller Screen Windows, Rolling Insect Screen Windows, Rolling Mosquito Mesh, Hyderabad, India.

The Welltech Systems is India’s leading specialist in Roller Screens that are easy to install, smooth to operate, fit in any window, prevent entry of the mosquitoes and airborne insects and provide high ventilation.

The features of Roller Screen Windows are : Shields the entry of mosquitoes and provides complete mosquito protection. Can be installed on any type of frame. Has Fiber glass net making the screen robust and improving the durability Reduces the amount of UV light. High velocity wind resistance. Interlocking Zip track.

welltech systems provides a wide range of mosquito roller screens , roller screens doors, roller screens for windows,roller screens sliding doors simple and attractive.
Contact Us @ 040 64 509 509, 095507 65346, 075696 10019.


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Hello world! Welltech Systems, Hyderabad, India.

Mosquito Screens, Mosquito Nets, Mosquito MEsh for Doors and Windows

A Mosquito Netting Solutions, Hyderabad, India.

Welltech Systems is India’s leading manufacturer and distributor of Insect Screens and Insect Screen Systems to keep flying insects and mosquitoes out while allowing fresh air to circulate around the rooms. That’s not all, the insect screens and insect screen systems also filter pollution such as tiny dust particles.

Welcome to the perfect choice to protect your rooms from insects flying in. Based in Hyderabad, India, with over a wide range of 24 years of professional experience, we develop structural designs that are versatile, robust, fire and corrosion resistant which are easily cleanable with nice and elegant screens systems that are custom made for windows, doors, balconies and other outdoor openings.

The main products we make are: – Mosquito Mesh types that come in Fiber Glass, Aluminum and Stainless Steel. The Aluminum profile types that come in Sleek Window Frames, Roller Screens, Pleated Screens and Openable Doors which are Powder Coated for Aluminum Channels. We offer our services in and around Hyderabad, India.

Insect Screening is mainly used on windows and doors to protect against insects especially mosquitoes and acts against attracting dust. Also it is used for Star Hotels, Hospitals, Educational Institutes, Villas, Apartments, Independent Houses and for Industrial purposes such as sieves, filters and others. Our Mosquitio Nets are available in Fiberglass, Aluminum and Stainless Steel which are easily cleanable, durable and keeps the surfaces clean and free from fungus, rust and enhance your home, office with fly free environment.

Welltech Systems also Fabricates Aluminum Channels for sliding windows and doors, office partitions, bath room doors with solid PVC sheet. The advantage of using aluminum is for its lightweight, strength, corrosion resistance, durability, attractive appearance and easy maintenance.

Call Now : 9550765346, 7569610019, 04064509509


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