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Hyderabad mosquitoe’s


Eeenadu news paper article on 24/07/2014

As, we know malaria, dengu , brain fever ,chickengunia  and elephantiasis are most notorious diseases which are infecting human health and their daily lives drastically . Do, you know a small bite from a blood sucking mosquito can induce the above mentioned diseases in a blink of an eye. In Welltech we believe prevention is better than cure. So, Welltech Systems are a perfect choice to those who wish to protect your living ambience and you’re family from insects flying in.

Our development comes in structural designed windows and doors that are robust in nature, fire resistant and corrosion resistant & obviously versatile. No one likes to stay in locked rooms, but most of the people do due to the fear of these flying pest. When it comes to Welltech insect screens it gives you a transparent windows enabling light and fresh air resisting this filthy flying pest.

 “Avoid Mosquito bites – by – using Mosquito nets” 

~ World Health Organization ~


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Mosquito Screens in Hyderabad

The Welltech Systems provides an easy and affordable way to keep the mosquitoes/bugs out. 

Problems with mosquito bites leading a miserable life through out the country.Mosquito bites are dangerous. Protect our family and kids from mosquito borne diseases – Malaria, Dengue, Chikungunya, Brain Fever, Filariasis an other diseases..Pls save childrens Malaria, Dengue, Chikungunya, Brain Fever, Filariasis an other diseases.
Welltech Systems provides you all a complete Mosquito Netting Solutions..

The Welltech Systems screens for windows are sticked to Velcro tape which is easily detachable. No tools required, just stick it up and take it down in a matter of minutes.

The windows appear transparent while preventing the entry of mosquitoes and insects in your home or office.
Easy to use from inside the house with PVC lock.
Has Fiber glass net and stainless steel net making the screen robust and improving the durability.
Easy to detach and attach using the Butterfly hinges.
Easy to clean.

welltechsystems provides wide range of mosquito net, mosquito mesh, mosquito Screens and insect screen systems and complete mosquito netting solutions Hyderabad.,
Contact Us @ 040 64 509 509, 095507 65346, 075696 10019.


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