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Detachable Window, Detachable Screen Window, Hyderabad, India

Mosquito mesh sllek aluminum frame for windows

Detachable Window with Sleek Aluminum Frame.

A mosquito net supporting frame structure, which is detachable to save storage space during delivery and, which fits different mosquito nets having different shapes.

Adjustable Window Screens come in several sizes to fit most window styles. The screen height is fixed and the width of the screen is expandable. They are easy to install and remove in seconds without the need for tools or fasteners. Simply open the window, place the adjustable window screen in place and expand it into the sides of the window sill, then close the window on top of the screen to keep the bugs away.

Welltech Systems, “A complete Mosquito Netting Solutions”, Hyderabad, India.
Contact # 040-64509509, 0955076534, 07569610019.


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Velcro Detachable Mesh for Windows, Hyderabad

mosquito mesh with velcro.

Welltech systems offers detachable mesh with velcro to fix the mesh for windows with ease.

The Welltech Systems provides an easy and affordable way to keep the mosquitoes/bugs out. The Welltech Systems screens for windows are sticked to Velcro tape which is easily detachable. No tools required, just stick it up and take it down in a matter of minutes.

  • Keep your house well-ventilated without inviting those flying bugs.
  • It can be used for windows.
  • Has Fiber glass net making the screen robust and improving the durability.
  • Easy to install and available in all dimensions.
  • Durable and Washable.
  • Each screen is tailor made to suit your exact specifications.

Welltech Systems provides you all a complete Mosquito Netting Solutions..

Call Now : 95507 65346, 75696 10019, 040-64 509 509


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Roller Screen Windows, Rolling Insect Screen Windows, Rolling Mosquito Mesh, Hyderabad, India.

The Welltech Systems is India’s leading specialist in Roller Screens that are easy to install, smooth to operate, fit in any window, prevent entry of the mosquitoes and airborne insects and provide high ventilation.

The features of Roller Screen Windows are : Shields the entry of mosquitoes and provides complete mosquito protection. Can be installed on any type of frame. Has Fiber glass net making the screen robust and improving the durability Reduces the amount of UV light. High velocity wind resistance. Interlocking Zip track.

welltech systems provides a wide range of mosquito roller screens , roller screens doors, roller screens for windows,roller screens sliding doors simple and attractive.
Contact Us @ 040 64 509 509, 095507 65346, 075696 10019.


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